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Defining company’s relevant business and financial models is a very sensitive and critical task. Leading a funding process plants company’s growth seeds as well as it’s future valuations and expansion possibilities. Structuring ongoing financial operations, budget & control, reporting and tax optimization, might be “show stoppers” if not handled holistically, professionally, and with forward looking business view. Matoki’s boutique services fill those spaces in unique skill sets, vast experience – local and global, structured processes, and proactive, agile, and start-up drive.


Only 1 out of 100 companies searching for A round investment is funded.

Some of them are fundable.

More than 40% of companies that went through Matoki’sprocess, successfully raised funds.

Matoki’sexperience, expertise and success in the funding area is well documented.




One of the main reasons behind Matoki’s proven success is a close,structured process, tailored to escort each client.

The process of raising the first $1M is often longer, more complicated and frustrated than $300M. Matoki was in both. Thus, start up that successfully raises funds, is a job and not a hobby. Structure and plan are essential. Matoki’s experience makes the difference.




Matoki Strategic Finance first and foremost considers your business as an operational entity with plans for expansion and growth.

Maroki is a boutique firm with a hands-on approach and business understanding that it is not about the numbers, but what they tell.