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Matoki Strategic Finance first and foremost considers your business as an operational entity with plans for expansion and growth. Maroki is a boutique firm with a hands-on approach and business understanding that

Only 1 out of 100 companies searching for A round investment are funded. Some of them are fundable.

More than 40% of companies that went through Matoki’s process, successfully raised funds.

Matoki’s experience, expertise and success in the funding area is well documented. More than 20 years of funding background, from start ups ($1.0m) to large enterprises ($300M) brought to the proven results.

Matoki’s deep familiarity in variety of industries such as: Enterprise software, Life science, Cyber, Big data and more, made the experience even more unique and versatile.

Matoki’s set structured methodologies that provided immediate flashlight to CEOs regarding “what they don’t know that they don’t know”, and to investors about “where the beef is”, in language and narrative they understand.

A close, intensive, intimate work with the CEO was proven as success. On the other hand, Matoki does not hesitate to highlight weakness or challenging indications of a broken triangle: Product-Market-Finance. The Devil’s advocate role is played to ensure the company is well prepared, and confirm that the company is indeed fundable.


Type of Service:

  • Small number of clients
  • Selected clients
  • Each client receives Close and Personal Attention
  • Deep, Agile, and Result Oriented Service

This may be the CEO’s first time at the investor table, but it’s not Matoki’s:

more than 40% of companies that went through fundability assessment process, successfully raised funds.


As one of the VC partners once stated: “we expect them to understand their company, not only form the product perspective but from the market and business one”. Matoki takes a business discussions, to strategic levels. It’s one of those elements that quickly takes, internal and external stakeholders, to discuss core strategic topics rather than tactics. Especially in what relates to A round funding.

Here are proven examples of moving the needle, and switching discussion –

From old school into new school:

  • From “back mirror” view into “navigation view”
  • From long theoretical studies into concrete action Item
  • From total Costs Measurement into Customer Acquisition Costs
  • From Revenues accounting into customer’s Long Time Value


What makes Matoki’s services so Effective and Efficient?

  • Going through the 6 week Fundability Assessment Process
  • Leveraging Matoki’s comprehensive access to Funding Markets such as VCs, Angels, and banks (local and global)
  • Using Matoki’s funding Negotiations Skills to minimize “lost in translation” time
  • Utilizing Matoki’s Deal Making abilities to Close the Deal



See also case studies.


With Matoki - 40%



Without Matoki - 1-3%