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Matoki Strategic Finance Ltd. provides end-to-end A-round fundraising services and guides you throughout in a deep, structured, short and proven process.

You’ve got a killer technology, an eager sales team, now you need the funding to bring it all to market — better and faster.

As a boutique company, we walk together with selected CEOs in a journey that turns vision into reality, and fundability potential to funding.

Matoki focuses on Enterprise Software, Life Science, Cyber Security, and Big Data.

With 20 years of CFO experience, in local & global companies, from startups to very large enterprises, we ensure hands-on & practical service.



What we bring to the table

Equity Funding





  • $10sM Startup Funding
  • $550M Enterprises
  • 100s Due Diligence
  • 100s Business Models
  • 100s Presentations
  • 100s Assessment

“You are expected to be professional in all aspects. It’s not a seed game anymore…” (VC partner quote)

The process of raising the first Million $ is often longer, more complicated, and frustrating than raising $100sM. Matoki has done both. Startups that successfully raise funds, treat the process as a professional operation, not as a hobby. Structure and planning are essential. Matoki’s experience makes the difference.

Matoki’s six week Fundability assessment helps startups develop an easily understood business story that resonates with executives and A-round investors alike.

With hundreds of business model creations and investors presentations, tens of due diligence, and dozens of due diligence processes undertaken, and dozens of companies that underwent the fundability process, Matoki has reached a funding success rate greater than 40% for those companies that have passed the fundability stage.

From equity, through convertible debt, to other hybrid structures. Matoki’s experience offers a significant catalyst to the funding process.


Addressing the complete Fundraising Lifecycle (read more):

  • Joining forces – Interim CFO focused on funding
  • Investors Selection
  • Due Diligence and negotiation processes
  • Deal Close





$6.7 B

  • $10.0sM Startups Acquisitions
  • $6.7B Enterprise Acquisitions
  • 10s M&A Task Forces
  • 10s M&A Business Models

Matoki’s acquisition experience is a result of

7 years of work in the Silicon Valley.

From relatively small niche acquisitions of a few million dollars, to strategic acquisitions (such as the one SAP bought Business Objects in $6.7B), Matoki was exposed to 100s of business models, and went through mutual benefits analysis (including the updated go to market model), negotiation stages, valuation, and the post-merger integration processes.

In A-round, Matoki’s ability to answer in straight talk investor language, any question about the business model, while sensing the processes tempo and momentum, contributes to the investment discussion and eventually – to it’s success.

Entrepreneur should also consider in the back of mind, an acquisition possibility. So do investors. Matoki’s ability to bring it to the table from past experience, is profoundly beneficial

These are well taken into account in the


6 week Fundability Assessment Process (read more):

  • “Bullet proof story”: the business narrative
  • “Talk the talk”: understand and speak the language of money
  • “Product-Market-Money”: ensure all the dots are connected
  • “Package the message”: investors’ presentation – content & flow
  • “Ready for the Game”





100s Processes

  • $110M & $400M Exits
  • 2 Global Enterprises
  • 5 Exits’ Task Frces

With 2 significant exits of Israeli start ups and variety of small and large acquisition, as well as MBA these about exits & acquisitions – success & failure reasons.

Matoki brings 360 degrees view:

  • Startups’ pains on the acquired side
  • How “Gorillas” measure success
  • What turns on an exit and how it works

 While being aware to exit possibilities, Matoki brings to the table, unique business perspective on top of Technology, IP, and product uniqueness. The business model developed in the Fundability Process (read more) also includes:

  • Addressable Market
  • Growth
  • Competition
  • Profit Generation
  • Eocsystem


Business Models:



4 Main & Others

  • 100s Business models
  • 100s Models’ DD
  • 100s KPIs
  • 10s Lectures
  • 4 major industries

For over 20 years, Ran Matoki, founder of Matoki Strategic Finance, has been developing complex financial strategies and simplifying them into actionable and understandable business initiatives


Using interdisciplinary expertise from industries: Enterprise Software, Life Science, Cyber Security, and Big Data, Matoki develops strategic plans and models to achieve business goals in the short- medium- and long-term. Matoki translates complex financial models into business language and strategies that everyone in the organization can understand and support.

From A round investors perspective it indicates on company’s maturity.

For startups seeking for A Round it adds a significant confidence to their fundability rate.

Business models combine risk and performance management; define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tools and provide a clear and discreet approach to reviewing ongoing operational activities.


Some of the topics that are included in the model:

  • Revenue Streams
  • Recurring Revenues
  • Costs Drivers
  • Pricing and Costing
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Long Term Value (LTV)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cash Flow – Sources & Uses

Debt Financing




100s Processes

  • $15.0 Debt Financing
  • 10s of Bridge Loans
  • 10s of Negotiations
  • 10s of Working Capital Vehicles

The bottom line question to be answered is “how does the company handle it’s uses and sources from cash flow perspective”. How to minimize the debt risk that bank sees ,in order to receive the loan in the most optimal business terms.

Matoki understands on-going cash shortage realities and provides effective solutions for working capital issues too.

Matoki deals with on-going working capital challenges that in many cases can be resolved through:

  • Bridge Loans
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Hybrid Vehicles

With 10s of loan negotiations, Matoki can bring to the table, an immediate support to serve company’s on-going cash needs

Interim CFO

CFO experience:

20 years

Global experience:

7 years in Silicon Valley

  • 20 years CFO
  • 7 years in Silicon Valley
  • 10s startups CFO & Interim-CFO
  • $10.0sM Startups Budgets
  • $500M Enterprise Budget

With 20 years of experience as CFO and other executive finance and operations roles in Israel, Europe and USA, Matoki adds to the fundability and funding process services, a 3rd service – practical, professional and hands on: Interim CFO.

Matoki, as one who came from stratups, knows startup’s culture and speaks startup language.

The active role as Interim-CFO takes charge of topics such as:

  • Budget and Control
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Reporting & Forecasts
  • Tax Optimization
  • Ad-hoc Business/Strategic/Finance issues

The Interim-CFO role (read more) is mainly focused on strategic and planning aspects. In many cases Matoki breaks that glass ceiling of startups that reached into the scale stage, or a bit before they “cross the chasm”

It is an actionable and practical role, where Matoki work together with the CEO to develop a strategy that focuses on specific needs.


Matoki’s wide and qualitative network offers top notch connection with:

  • Leading Audit, Legal, Accounting and Tax firms
  • Leading Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Top notch Marketing, Branding, Positioning firms