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One of the main reasons behind Matoki’s proven success is a

close, structured process, tailored to escort each client.

The process of raising 1st $1m is often longer, more complicated and frustrated than $300M. Matoki was in both. Thus, start up that successfully raises funds, is a job and not a hobby. Structure and plan are essential. Matoki’s experience makes the difference.

In spectrum of M&As – from those Matoki was part of company which was acquired (2 exits of $110M and $400M) and through being part of acquiring companies (from startups to $6.7B conglomerates), Matoki understands how exit works. How the acquirer thinks. What do they expect for the company they buy.

Since Matoki knows how the big players think and the language they speak, the process include a parallel discussion with the CEO to overview Exit Options.  Matoki’s add these possibilities not only as part of stimulation & brainstorming, but to attack valuation aspects from different angles.


6 week Fundability Assessment Process (read more):

  • “Bullet proof story”: the business narrative
  • “Talk the talk”: understand and speak money language
  • “Product-Market-Money”: ensure dots are well connected
  • “Wrap the message”: investors’ presentation – content & flow
  • “Ready for the Game”


4-6 months Funding Process (read more):

  • Joining Forces – Matoki as Interim CFO (focusing on funding)
  • Investors Selection – smart and qualitative
  • Meetings with Matoki’s investors’ network and others
  • Due Diligence and negotiation – CEO and Matoki
  • Deal close

6-9 months Interim CFO (read more):

  • Business and Operations (focusing on funding)
  • Finance and Cash Flows
  • Legal and Tax
  • CEO Advisory


See also case studies.