Hands on



Matoki Strategic Finance first and foremost considers your business as an operational entity with plans for expansion and growth. Maroki is a boutique firm with a hands-on approach and business understanding that

it is not about the numbers, but what they tell.

With an extensive startup experience that led to 2 exits ($110M and $400M), Matoki lives stratups’ spirit, people, and passion. Matoki knows stratups pains, and it means that Matoki not only develops strategic financial and fundraising plans, but guides clients through their implementation. Matoki will be with there every step of the way – from funding preparation, through funding and lastly as interim CFO.

Matoki understands on-going cash shortage and provides effective solutions for working capital issues too.

Matoki as Interim-CFO, focusing on finance-operations, takes charge of topics such as:

  • Budget and Control
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Reporting and Forecasts
  • Tax Optimization
  • Ad-hoc Business/Strategic/Finance issues

It makes a difference when Interim CFO:

  • Is part of the team
  • personally Builds the Business Model and
  • Accompanying CEO throughout the Fundraising Process and
  • Stay on board every step of the way and
  • Personally know the investors and their language


And it makes a significant difference to CEOs, when on the morning after funding, Matoki is there to ensure that all balls are in the still air. Especially when company enters into execution and scales stages.

Furthermore, it adds a level of confidence and relief to the CEO that Matoki is responsible for locating, vetting, and hiring a suitable candidate to take over that position.


Matoki as Interim CFO, makes the difference

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